Top 3 Wheelchair Cushions Available at Amazon

No 1 – Mosaic Roho Wheelchair Cushion 18 X 16 (Pump included)

About the product
12-month limited manufacturers warranty

Includes a reusable washable cover

Designed to provide a comfortable functional and stable sitting environment

Includes Pump

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Pressure Wounds/Bruised Tailbones on April 28, 2016
I have 3 of these. I had a family member with a pressure wound that finally healed after I bought this for her. I’ve since purchased 2 more for a bruised tailbone. I use them for when I’m quilting/sewing and going to different classes where I sit for a long periodof time. I really like it in the car, just a little tight between the steering wheel and my legs. My steering wheel doesn’t tilt up very much and my seat doesn’t adjust down very much, either. If using in the car,  this wheelchair cushions I would recommend getting a wide one that covers the majority of the car seat. Otherwise, you feel a little tilty. This was recommended by a home health nurse telling me it was the best thing for pressure wounds.
Great cushion for wheelchair, September 6, 2013 By
Mrs. TimVerified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Mosaic Roho Cushion 18 X 16 (Pump included) (Health and Beauty)
I’ve tried more than a few cushions for my father’s wheelchair and his boney butt, including the expensive Tempurpedic cushion which he could only stand for about half a day. The Mosaic Roho is great because I’ve never heard him complain about it. In four months, I only used the pump once, yesterday. My father is small (5’2″ and 130 lbs) so I think the cushion may have needed a boost because an overweight person has been using his w/c as a chair when he’s not in it; which I will remedy immediately. I recommend this Roho design and material as it allows the air to move and redistribute as you move. My father isn’t very big but still had issues with the lack of padding/cushion in the various foam and gel cushions we tried.

 No 2 -Roho High Profile Cushion- Single Compartment – 16 x 18 x 4 in.

About the product

– Dimension: 16″ Depth, 18″ Width, 4″ Height

– Maximizes pressure distribution.

– Maximizes blood flow and nutrient exchange.

– Minimizes shock and impact.


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No 3 -Kolbs Cushions Air Cell Low Profile Wheelchair Seat Cushion, 18 by 18 Inch

About the product

Individual air cells within the cushion enable deep immersion necessary for pressure prevention and tissue protection

Using this adjustable air cell cushion effectively reduces the risk of pressure ulcers associated with prolonged sitting

Includes an Air Flow Insert between air bladder and cushion cover to drastically reduce heat build up

Includes a fire retardant cover; removable for easy cleaning and is vapor permeable for additional comfort

Designed with a heavy duty air bladder network of individual air cells; inflates to 3.25 inches high; pump included

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